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An all new odor eliminating technology that's taking the professional detailing world by storm! Use this for the worst, smoke permeated cars on the lot!  You'll be thrilled with the results!  Pour the container of premeasured liquid thru the divider in the cup. The flakes underneath the divider react with the liquid in a quick release chemical reaction.  The chlorine reaction produces a vapor that permeates the interior and eliminates odors which will not come back.  Simply place in the car overnight and take out in the AM. Run the A/C or recirc for a 1/2 hour to kill the mildew in the air conditioning system.  Included is a sticker to place on the window of the vehicle that warns the car is being treated.  Also an air freshener used afterward to freshen the chlorine scent.  Hardly any labor, and the worst odors are gone!

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