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Perpetual is an ultra hard, state of the art paint coating that provides up to 5 years of paint protection. This innovative 9H coating bonds to paint, glass, metal, chrome, vinyl, and plastics at a molecular level, creating a hard, hydrophobic and glass-like finish that protects vehicles from scratches, weathering, industrial fall-out, UV damage, and wash marring. Perpetual was designed and tested for eye-popping gloss and extreme durability, resulting in a hydrophobic finish that sheets off water and contaminants. This creates a self-cleaning effect that releases dirt and keeps the paint looking its best, between washes. By adding a measurable 3~4 micrometers of ceramic coating to painted surfaces, wheels, and glass, it installs a semi-permanent sacrificial barrier of protection, along with a deep, intense, and optically clear shine. Perpetual’s rich and hard protective shell should be applied by a professional detailer. A proper paint correction and surface cleaning process must be performed prior to application. 






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