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Paint Overspray Removal

What is paint overspray removal you may ask?...Well, let’s hope you never have to find out. I’m only joking; it is actually much more common than you would think. At first glance, people often times think it is something that cannot be fixed however paint overspray removal is indeed doable and National Detail Pros is here to offer it if you ever happen to need it!

Paint overspray is when paint specs adhere onto your vehicle. This can happen in a number of ways but two of the most common are when something nearby is being painted and that paint goes airborne, usually caused by wind, and then lands on your vehicle or when there had been road paint done by construction in the area and you drive over it causing it to splash up onto your vehicle. Both of these occurrences will result in you needing paint overspray removal on your vehicle to obtain a smooth surface once again.  

Depending on the different circumstances there are several types of paint that can adhere to your vehicle from water based paint, oil based, latex, ect. This also changed the level of difficulty when it comes to the paint overspray removal process. Another thing that changes the level of difficulty is how small or large the specs are and how heavy it is (how many specs per area). Both of these things among others can play a role in how much it will cost when looking to have paint overspray removal done on your vehicle.

Rest assured that National Detail Pros has the products and experience to get the job done!

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