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Perpetual Evolve is a Silica-infused Primer Polish to be used by itself, or while working with ceramic coatings. The ceramic silica (Si02) technology integrates hardness and durability into the finish, leaving a hydrophobic surface repelling water, dirt, insects, and UV rays for 3 to 6 months. Evolve uses ultrafine abrasives, and is intended for a final polish, removing minor imperfections, and leaving a glass-like finish. Use as a final step before applying your coating, and no need to panel wipe! Or, if coating has cured, and you find a high spot, simply polish with Evolve to correct!

Directions: Polish the surface with Evolve with a long stroke DA polisher and soft foam pad, using light pressure (the weight of the polisher). After polishing, leave the product on the surface for 30- 60 minutes, to cure and adhere. Remove any residue with a clean dry microfiber.

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