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Cold fogging is an efficient method to apply disinfectants. It atomizes the disinfecting liquid, allowing it to penetrate deep into various surfaces and materials to kill bacteria and viruses.

This process is known as ULV ultra low volume technology, which creates a consistent coverage, creating an equal, even mist , so all bacteria, virus, fungi comes into contact with the disinfectant chemical.

The unit disperses the chemical quickly, providing even coverage. The sprayer is centrifugal rotating, and droplet size is adjustable. A specially designed nozzle creates fine mist of small droplets that are the ideal size to attack pathogens.

This Saintfine fogger is battery operated. Comes with lithium battery and charger.  It will spray 1000 sq meters in 10 minutes. Use in small spaces like automotive interiors, or large spaces, like warehouses.

Use with a water based sanitizer.  A perfect choice is the Chlorine Dioxide Dutrion Tablet, mixed with water. Use all PPE available when applying-  goggles, masks, gloves. 

power: 240W

battery capacity:  8AH

charging time: 5h

working time:  60min

tank capacity: 2L

Spray volume: 80-150ml/min adjustable

droplet size: .8mm- 40um, 1.0mm-60um, 1.5-60um 

effective range: 8 meters

gross weight: 3.7kg











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