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FUSION Ceramic Detail Spray is a new formula of SI02 nanocrystalline coating - super easy for anyone to apply and level! 

You can apply it to a large area, several panels at a time, up to half the vehicle, without babysitting and waiting for the moment it rainbows to level, giving the detailer a bigger and more forgiving window of time to allow for set up and leveling.

High spots are not a worry, and the delivered shine imparts the same "wow" factor - an intense gloss, and a sacrificial barrier for the paint.

FUSION is a thick, durable, hard coating that imparts a deep, intense shine, and a hydrophobic finish that repels dirt and water, and protects from weather, the elements, UV rays, contaminants.  It can be used as stand alone coating application, with 9 to 12 months of protection; or as a premium high solids topper that will bond to a previously applied coating.   An 8 oz. bottle will provide enough to do 4-5 sedans, or 2-3 trucks.

Spray onto a microsuede applicator (Part #MSB or MSB-SA) and apply to the vehicle finish in a 6' by 6' area, or larger.  Flash time will vary according to temperature of detail bay.  When coating "rainbows," level by dragging an edgeless waffle microfiber (Part# M16x16WBE)  across the area, and then finish with an edgeless Korean Coral Fleece microfiber (Part# M16x16NHB). 



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