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Detailing Common Questions (FAQ)

FAQs - General Questions

Absolutely! Check the address bar on our checkout page, any website that contains http”s“ is secure (the “s” indicates a “secure” site). Our website is secure so you know your information is 100% safe and secure. If you still feel insecure about it, call and we can book your detail over the phone.

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We're also fully accredited with the BBB

National Detail Pros, Inc. BBB Business Review

Yes! Waxing your vehicle does many things:

  1. Protects it from the sun and weather.
  2. Helps reduce scratching and swirl marks.
  3. Makes it easier to remove bugs, sap and other contaminants.
  4. Reduces hard water spotting.
  5. Best of all, waxing makes it easier to keep clean and wash!

You’re not paying now, we're only pre-authorizing (pending charge) your credit card to verify your identity and that you're a real person, not a computer spammer so the detailer knows they're going to do a real detail. For your convenience, after the detail has been completed, your card will then and only then be post-authorized for our service.  

We're also fully accredited with the BBB

National Detail Pros, Inc. BBB Business Review

That’s a great question! We have a lot of references and have done work for thousands of large companies such as: CarHartt Clothing, Miranda Lambert Tour, numerous police departments, West Coast Customs, Pimp My Ride, Fastenal, 1-800 Contacts, Axiom Financial, Boart Longyear, Cadillac, Bondurant Racing, Kennecott Copper, Cobra Firearms, Skull Candy, Etc.

We're also fully accredited with the BBB

National Detail Pros, Inc. BBB Business Review

The answer is YES! We have thousands of mobile detailing units across the United States, from big towns to small cities, we handle it all. In the very rare event that we don’t service your area, you will not be charged!

Want to check and see if our mobile detailing services are available in your location?

To purchase a gift card simply select "Detail Services" in the top menu and go to "Gift Cards" and you can purchase the gift card right online. A gift card will be e-mailed to you. You can also give us a call at (800) 601-0626 and pay for the gift card over the phone. Your gift card percipient can then schedule the detail online at their convenience.

Our gift cards DO NOT EXPIRE.

    Our detailing gift cards are an easy and great gift!
    A printable gift card will be emailed to you.
    Your gift card recipient can easily schedule their detail online (or call) with their gift card number when it's convenient for them. It's that easy!  Click here to learn more.

To keep your vehicle's paint looking as nice as the day you bought it, it’s recommended that you wax your vehicle at least twice a year.

This is a great question! When selecting your detail service its very important to make sure you're getting the quality you deserve. We have the best detailing equipment and products in the industry! In most instances, you’ll get a better detail with us than you would if you dropped your car off at a local shop for the day. That's because most shops work on quantity and not quality, hiring high school kids that are not adequately experienced nor trained to do their work. Our main focus is quality.

This is a great question and 99% of the time the answer is yes! However, because we don’t see your vehicle before we come to do the detail we can’t guarantee this. Unfortunately, there are some vehicles that are so incredibly dirty that we do have to charge an extra dirty fee. This is RARE but if this is the case the detailer will discuss any additional charges with you before he commences on the detail.

Select the"Sell My Car Detail“.  To make things easy, we've designed a “minimum” detail package we’d recommend before selling your vehicle. This package is designed to give you the bare essentials that we deem crucial for getting the most out of your vehicle when selling. You can always upgrade to a better detail package if you're wanting a better service (after all, statistics show you’ll on average make back triple what you put into the detail)!

Yes! Having your vehicle detailed before you sell it does many things:

  1. You’ll sell your vehicle faster.
  2. You’ll sell it for more! Market research has shown that a clean, scratch and swirl free car is valued $1,000+ more than a car that didn’t get the detail attention it needed. Statistics show that on average you’ll make back more than 3 times what you spend on your detail. That’s a no brainer and just putting money in your pocket!
  3. A detailed engine also makes your vehicle appear better maintained and makes your buyer feel as if you cared for the car. Why do you think every dealership across the nation has their vehicles engines detailed?

Depending on your service, we can still usually perform your detail mobile. We have special techniques, products and equipment that help us combat the weather. In the special event that it is too cold for a mobile detail, we may offer a FREE pick up and drop off service or simply reschedule for a warmer day.

We stand behind our work with our National Detail Pros Satisfaction Guarantee! We strive to not only meet but exceed your expectations on every detail! Our #1 priority is to ensure each and every detail is done correctly and every customer walks away with a smile on their face. You're more than welcome to look over the vehicle ensuring that the job is done correctly and up to your standards. The detailer will be more than happy to fix anything you may see.

We’re used to working in bad weather, but if the weather is bad the morning of your appointment and your having an exterior service done, we can reschedule for a better day. If you're only having an interior service performed, we can usually still do the detail.

A mobile detail means that we detail your vehicle right on site at your home or office. We bring everything we need to perform the detail on-site. The only thing we need from you is a dirty vehicle.

Car, Truck, SUV & Van Detailing:

  • Cars consist of any coupe, sedan or wagon.
  • Truck consists of any pick-up truck.
  • SUV consists of any SUV or crossover vehicle with standard 2 rows of seating.
  • Large SUV/Van consists of any van or SUV with 3rd-row seating.
  • Cargo Van/Passenger van is any commercial van with cargo space or more than 3 rows of seating.

Watercraft Detailing:

  • Open Bow / Ski Boat consists of any boat that has an open bow & no covered cuddy / sleep area in the front or mid cab of the boat.
  • Closed Bow / Cuddy / Cruiser Boat consists of any boat that has a cabin or "cuddy" space. This includes mid cabin speed boats.
  • Center Console Boats Consist of most fishing boats or other boats with a center console or center covered area.
  • Pontoon Boat consists of any boat that has pontoons as its base for flotation.
  • Jet Ski / WaveRunner consists of any small personal watercraft.

RV, 5th Wheel & Trailer Detailing:

  • RV consists of any A or C class motor home.
  • 5th Wheel consists of any 5th wheel hitch style towing a trailer.
  • Trailer consists of any tongue pull trailer, including cargo trailers.

Motorcycle & ATV Detailing:

  • Motorcycle consists of any 2 wheel motorcycle including both choppers and bullet bikes.
  • Personal ATV consists of any personal 4 wheeler or snowmobile.
  • Large ATV (Multi-Person or Side by Side) consists of any multiple person ATV with either 2 or 4 seats.

Semi Truck Detailing: 

  • Sleeper Cab consists of any semi tractor that has a bed in the rear or living space.
  • Day Cab consists of any semi that doesn't have a bed or living space.

We have a 48-hour cancellation policy, if you cancel within 48 hours you’ll have no cancellation charges.  If the weather is bad the day of your appointment OR you need to reschedule for a future date you won't be charged any cancellation fees as long as you reschedule the appointment. We want to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to have their vehicle detailed on a day and time that works best for them and that’s why we have this policy.

We have thousands of mobile detailing units across the United States, so most of our detailing is done “on-site” or “mobile” at your location. You can schedule your detail here on our website and no matter where you're located and we will come to you.

Want to check and see if our mobile detailing services are available in your location?

If for whatever reason you were not able to have the completion form signed, mark “No completion form” when submitting the job as completed. We will verify that the job was successfully completed and then get your payment processed. Always try and get the form signed as this can delay your payment.

 If you don't get the completion form signed and the customer charges back the transaction due to quality issues on the detail, you will not get paid for the service. So just make sure to do a good job.

Having the customer leave you a review after your service will speed up your payment because we won't need to manually verify the completion of the job.
  • The customer will receive an email asking them to review after you mark the job as completed.
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