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Our Mobile Detailing Reviews

- Outstanding 5 Star Service!

Sheila M Forster
What an outstanding job that was done on my boat. Looks like it came right out of the show room. The technicians were very professional and friendly. What I noticed the most was the attention to detail. A lot of hard work was put into cleaning and polishing that boat. I highly recommend this company. Excellent job.
jim manchester
todd did a good job on my crown victoria ty I give todd 5 stars
Janine Esch
I have an older car that has been sitting for a year, and I used to smoke in it. Alan Jones was my detailer. He was extremely thorough and made my car look amazing! He went above and beyond, even gluing my rear view mirror back on. Excellent experience!!!
Due to weather yesterday, there was a delay. Luckily I was home all day. About 3:30 p.m. Rafael arrived. He spoke for a minute and got right to work non stop for two and a half hours. All I can say is WOW! It looks better than when we got our truck new 2 yrs ago. He is fantastic and hopefully the company recognizes this. Showed it to my son and he asked for the detail company information. He and my other son are planning to have their cars done in the near future. Hope they are lucky enough to have Raphael also. Keep up. The nice job. Thank you. It was very convenient to not have to take it some place and have to wait for it to be finished. Was nice being able to do my work while he worked. Nice service to provide especially living in rural area where we have so few services available. We don't even have cable here! Thank you again. Husband was happy too!
Sally Marshall
BRAVO! EXCELLENT!! WOW!!! Today I had the most terrific surprise. I took a chance on a young man who saw my car in a parking lot and he came up to my car and offered his name, Tyzon, and card. He was an Auto Detailer and goodness knows my car needed it! I have a 2010 Lexus RX 350, almost 10 years old. I don't think it had ever been detailed and was loaded with sap!!! He was such a gentleman and so professional I held on to his card and after a few weeks I called and made an appt. He was on time, he showed up with everything he needed!1! Cleaner, wax, water everything!!! He even had a special top coat that made all the leaves and pollen not stick to the car, it all slipped right off!!! When he finished he came and asked me to come and look at the cared. He dopened every door and even the cas cap to show me what a gorgeous job he had done. He didn't say that but I surely did! The car was beaming!!! Beautiful!!! Sparkling!!! It looked like a brand new paint job! The inside looked like a brand new interior!!! Spectacular!!! He has a customer for life. I immediately called my daughter and she is going to book him! Don't miss out on the best detail job you will ever have! Tyzon F. is who you want to do the work!
Mark Jenkins
wow just had my 2002 blazer detailed and wow did i say that already owell WOW thanks Archie great job
James Fuller
I just wrote a review and I misstated that I was going to have my wife's car detailed next Saturday. I will plan on it when she gets home from Arizona which right noe I do not know.
I’ve had Rich detail my car for about a year now and I couldn’t be more pleased. The thoroughness and attention to detail are incredible. He makes my 10-year-old Cadillac look brand new inside and out.
William Manderson
Johnny did a wonderful job he was professional and knew what he was doing. My wife told him her car looked better after he cleaned it that it did the day I bought it for her. He not only was on time but worked hard for several hours and did a wonderful job.
Robert Strumke
awesome job. will hire again
Jessica M Carr
VERY satisfied with the detail work I just had done. He showed up on time, spent a LOT of time making sure everything was perfect Would recommend them to everyone. Thanks Michael
First time user.
I have a 41 foot fifth wheel. Overall they did a good job considering it was a very hot day. They missed a few spots and ask them to redo the areas in which they did. Found few of the windows that needed to be redone after they left. I not sure about the cleaning methods in how it was done but it came out good. I would suggest to make sure to take time to walk around your coach and the roof to see if anything was missed during the cleaning when they finish.
$700.00 Is alot of money and time will tell if it was worth it.
I found that return customers get a very small discount. It should have been lest 10% off for the return customer. Not sure if I'll use them again, more research needs to be done and compare to other detail companies.
Kathleen Kelly
Wow! My 2003 travel trailer looks brand new now. Mat and Lamar did an exceptional job. They painstakingly transformed it into a brand new trailer. It was dirty, had mildew and black streaks and what I call "crud" in many places and it is so sparkly clean now that I am proud to drive it down the road. These guys were so nice and friendly, explained everything and spent several hours cleaning up my trailer.. So glad that they were what I call "perfectionist"s.
Christina R.
Had my detailing done in the Seattle area. Fernando was prompt and kind and worked very hard. My Escalade is the "dog" car so there was quite a lot of hair to be removed. He did an amazing job. Yessenia the office manager was very good at communicating with me and I appreciated that. They do an amazing job! Thank you...my SUV looks beautiful!
The detailer called a day early to ask if I would like to have my boat detailed now since we were expecting bad weather on the scheduled day. He was very proactive and able to get the job done early. The boat looks great too! Thanks.
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