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Car Upholstery Cleaners

Let’s talk stains… Particularly stains on the seats in your car. These can be caused by so many things… regular everyday wear from body dirt/grease, eating in the vehicle, spilled beverages, pets, and so much more. These stains are tricky and it is always best to use car upholstery cleaners to get the job done right. A professional car upholstery cleaner, aka a detailer, will have the appropriate products and equipment in order to achieve the best results.

Professional car upholstery cleaners can really get the job done right because when cleaning seats inside a car the stains can be absorbed deep into the pad of the seat. This makes it very difficult to clean because the stains will resurface as the seats dries since the stain itself was most likely not just on the surface. Car upholstery cleaners have the proper tools such as a carpet cleaner that can clean the area and suck/pull majority of the ruminants out from the padding. One thing that car upholstery cleaners recommend after having your seats cleaned is to follow it up with a good stain guard. This will make it so future spills sit on top of the surface of the seat and less likely to seep down in.

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There are a number of different products and methods that professional car upholstery cleaners may use such as using a carpet extractor, a steam cleaner, going in with a scrub brush and working in the actually cleaning product, etc. These methods are up to the detailers discretion based on the particular stain and fabric that is inside the vehicle.

If you have stubborn stains and want to get your car looking clean again, give us a shot and let us show you how a professional car upholstery cleaner can really make a difference.

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Customer Reviews
Ayesha Rashad
I most recently bought a used car and Josh Kalama did a Fabiola’s job detailing the inside and out of my Dodge calibre. Because of his skilled and p...
Debbie W.
Had my work car detailed before turning it back in. They did a great job. Got all the nasty stains off the back seat. Will use again!
Steve Medina Ohio
Gary and his team were great! Car looks fantastic.
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