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Vehicle Detailing

Many people this time of year (winter) may not see the point of vehicle detailing.. or they may think it is best to wait until spring or summer. In the Areas of the US that get a cold, snowy winter I can assure you that vehicle detailing during the winter is very important. It is important for many reasons just I will just go over a few here for you. Your vehicles all together is much dirtier this time of year, the salt is very damaging, and the holiday season.

With the winter weather comes slush, mud, salt, and grime! If the roads are wet or have been salted and you drive down it, you will be sure to have splashed up all of that on to the exterior of your vehicle. Your feet will also track it into your vehicle causing both your paint and carpet to be a mess that vehicle detailing is the only answer to get you back to a clean vehicle. Vehicle detailing can get your car cleaned up by doing a good exterior wash detail and getting your carpets shampooed. The more you stay on top of these issues, the less build up and work it will be and chances are you will get better results.


When it comes to the salt on the road, it can be extremely damaging to your vehicle. Vehicle detailing is crucial if you want to maintain your vehicle and keep it in good condition. The salt from the roads is very corrosive and can cause damage to your paint, undercarriage and parts, and can build up on your carpet forming a rock like texture. It eats away at your vehicle and will cause it to rust over time. Vehicle detailing is important to not only clean all of that up but to follow that up with a good quality wax. The wax will help to protect your paint and build a barrier so that the salt is not sitting directly on the vehicle surface.

Lastly, vehicle detailing is important during the winter because that is the time when you have family and friends most likely sharing your vehicle. This could be from carpooling to a work Christmas party, picking up family or friends from the airport who are in town for the holidays, or riding with family to a dinner event. Any of these situations leave you with not wanting other people to see your vehicle with kids food in the back, your spilled coffee mess in the cup holder, and that smell that you haven’t figured out where it is coming from… Vehicle detailing will get your car looking and smelling like new so that you can stress less about your vehicle and just enjoy the company!

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Had these guys out today to detail the boat. Very happy.. Restored my ol 02' Rinker (heavily oxidized) Thanks for the good work. I left a positive rev...
To be honest I was skeptical about this service, but boy, was I wrong. Dalan arrived at noon. Exactly on time, and got to work right away. The work wa...
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