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Car Detailing - Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city we all know and it is located in Nevada. It is known for gambling, shopping, shows, dining, hotels,  and nightlife. Another thing that is big is car detailing in Las Vegas. More than 41 million people visit Las Vegas each year and this brings a lot of business in all aspects of the city, car detailing is no different. Among these tourists are celebrities which drive in fancy expensive cars to tour the city streets. Also, although this is a “resort city” there are also over 600,000 people who call it home.
Tourists often drive to Las Vegas if it is not too far of a drive. A long road trip can reap havoc on your vehicle causing it to be dirty on the interior from eating in the vehicle, dirty on the exterior from driving through different types of weather, and bugs will most likely be all over the front end.  This is one situation where when people arrive, first thing they do is get some car detailing in Las Vegas. Those who do not drive end up taking a taxi, Uber, or Lyft most likely. These drivers vehicles are constantly in use and get a lot of ware and tare. They try to keep up with them by getting them detailed 1-3x per year on average. Another aspect of tourism that bring in a lot of car detailing in Las Vegas is tour buses. There are tours all hours of the day on the strip and streets of Las Vegas. These vehicles need to be maintained and do so by getting them detailed.
Another group that utilizes car detailing in Las Vegas is celebrities. They often visit the city and they always want their vehicles looking the best! They want their vehicles spic and span and do not want to have to worry about cleaning it themselves either. They know that people will be watching and most likely taking pictures constantly so even if their vehicle is not in bad shape, they still want it cleaned regularly.
Lastly, the residence of the city detail their vehicles  because they want to make sure their vehicles are protected from the harsh sun. Summertime the temperatures are usually over 100 degree and this can take its toll on a vehicle. Residence often get their vehicles waxed and maintained on a regular basis. They too make up a huge percentage of the car detailing in Las Vegas.
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Nancy Roberts
Adrian did a fantastic job on our Ford Explorer. He meticulously went over every inch of the car inside and out. We will be recommending your compa...
I’ve had Rich detail my car for about a year now and I couldn’t be more pleased. The thoroughness and attention to detail are incredible. He makes...
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