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Car Buffing

Car buffing is one of those things that you may want to leave to a professional. If not careful, you can burn through your paint, create horrible swirl marks, and cause other damage to your vehicle. However, if you know what you’re doing, are using the right products and equipment, and have ample experience it can actually make the world of difference at bringing your paint back to life!

car buffing

Car Buffing is used for a number of different scenarios however some of the most common are to remove light scratches, remove light swirl marks, deepen the paint color and to remove oxidation. Car buffing is done by using a rubbing compound which is a substance with some grit in it that will ever so slightly re-surface the vehicles clear coat to rid of the imperfections. You apply the compound typically by using a cutting pad and a buffer. All of these (compound, pad, and buffing machine) that you choose to use will significantly change the results in the car buffing experience you receive.

 car buffing

Car buffing can benefit every car if there are light scratches, swirls or oxidation present… however black is definitely a color that can benefit the most as it is known to show these imperfections more than other colors. Black just so happens to be the hardest to buff as well and if you do not have a professional with the right products and experience, it can ruin the vehicles paint. National Detail Pros has you covered! We have a team of professional detailers that know what they are doing and have the knowledge and experience when it comes to car buffing to get the job done right! Check us out today and see what we can do to help you! 

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Amanda H
I've had my car done 3 times by NDP and every time I'm thrilled afterwords. Highly recommend.
Michelle K.
They arrived on time (actually 5 minutes early) and did all the detailing I had requested online. The detailer was polite and friendly. Id highly reco...
Tad Haltom
Just had our RV exterior detailed. WOW! These guys were great. On time, very professional and personable. Already have an appointment scheduled fo...
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