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Car Detailing Accessories You Need

So, follow up to the last blog on mobile detailing equipment, I thought it seems right to do one on car detailing accessories. Now that you have your main equipment such as pressure washer, water tank, generator, carpet shampooer, and polisher machines there are a few smaller items that are just as important to have on your mobile unit. Car detailing accessories can be found at several online stores such as Detail Kings or Auto Geek or even in store at your local auto distributor such as Auto Zone or Detail Garage. 

Lets start off with the basics of car detailing accessories that you will need. For washing the vehicle you will need a wash bucket, some type of mit or brush, and towels to dry it. A squeegee is recommended as well to be more efficient. You will need spray bottled if you buy your products in bulk to put your wheel cleaner, degreaser, tire shine, etc in. Once you get into some of the more common exterior services such as clay bar, waxing, buffing etc you will need other car detailing accessories. You will need applicator bottles to put your wax and polish in, different pads (waxing pads, cutting pads of different levels, wool pad, etc), and clay bars or clay itself.

When doing the interior of a car you will need some car detailing accessories to help you do a better job. Some of these may include different attachments to get in specific areas while vacuuming and shampooing. It is also recommended to have different scrub brushes to scrub build up or deep staining and soft detail brushes to get into little cracks and crevices. You will again need spray bottles to hold your cleaning products such as all purpose cleaners, leather cleaner, conditioner, etc.

These car detailing accessories I have mentioned sum up what you would need for a basic car detail however it does not cover other services that may take place. You would also need other car detailing accessories for boat, RV, and industrial vehicle detailing. The last car detailing accessories I would recommend for just every day typical car detailing is to have some spare parts for your pressure washer and shampooer. Both of these pieces of equipment tend to have certain parts go out over time and it is always handy to just have a spare part you can throw on and get back to the jobs you have booked rather than having to wait to order them and them come and then reschedule all of your appointments. 

I hope this has helped you if you are looking to start your own mobile detailing business to know which car detailing accessories might be best to purchase for getting started in this industry!




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Eddie Armacost
We were please with Paul, our detailer. Very good job. Was a little tar left on the front of our fifth wheel but tar is tough to get off after harde...
Tory Mckle
This was my 3rd detail with NDP. They came out and detailed my car while I was at work, how cool is that? So much easier than driving my car somewhere...
I had Key wash my 33ft rig and he did absolutely amazing!!! Honestly looks like a new RV. I could not be more happy with his work.
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